Microsoft Outlook 2013, x32/64, PKL, 1u, 1pc, ESD, ENG

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Outlook 2013 Outlook helps you manage your busy life more easily and efficiently. You get new and improved ways to find information quickly, handle email, coordinate schedules, keep current with contacts and social networks, and tame your unruly to-do lists. Communicate Quickly connect and share files with the people and groups that matter most to you. Exchange ActiveSync Support Connect Outlook with Exchange ActiveSync, and you’ll receive push-based email, appointments, and contacts via the most popular email servers and services. Navigation Bar Continue to enjoy quick and convenient ways to open your email, calendar, contacts, and tasks. Social Connectors Get the very latest updates automatically from people in the social networks you rely on most—LinkedIn, Facebook, and others. Manage Organize and control your email flow and meeting schedules with new Outlook tools that help you pull it all together effortlessly. Peeks Grab a quick glance at your schedule, an appointment, or details about someone you’re emailing—without having to rearrange windows or lose your train of thought. People Card Seamlessly integrate multiple contacts into a single view, while presenting social context and removing needless duplication. Share Your Calendar Make your calendar available for others to view, so that scheduling meetings and responding to meeting invitations is easier and more convenient for everyone. Find Outlook lets you locate important information quickly, helping you communicate key ideas and decisions to the right people, right now. Weather Bar View the forecast right in Outlook, and let the coming weather inform how you plan your day’s schedule or your next trip. Search Quickly find email, attachments, calendar appointments, and contacts through improved search. Fast Filters and Context Commands With a single click, instantly see what’s on your calendar today, next week, or next month. Filter, arrange, and work with your email in a number of intuitive ways.

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