Samsung ED32D

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Captivate your audience with an immersive viewing experience Entice your audience with crisp, clear HD images and realistic color on a sleek display with Samsung d-LED technology. A sleek, lightweight design and slim bezels keep your audience focus on your message, helping you capture more business opportunities. The accompanied pivot function gives you the flexibility to display your message vertically or horizontally for the optimal view. Opt for Samsung EDD LFDs—the smart choice for your business Samsung EDD Series displays are perfectly suited to various business environments and demands, with clear advantages: – Higher reliability. LFDs are required to undergo stricter, more rigorous quality assurance testing under various environmental conditions. Stringent testing includes lifecycle, dust testing and power surges. – Optimized display connectivity. LFDs offer RS-232C connection that provides you with a simple way to link multiple displays for access to broader range of digital content. The accompanied multiple display control (MDC) program gives you easy control of all connected displays and content from one central location through the RS-232C connection. You can even merge the MDC protocol into your existing technology.

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